Friday, August 29, 2014

Birthday week day 5!!!!!

Day 5???? WHAAAAAAAT???!!!!

Holy smokes, all this excitement is exhausting!!!

Here are the winners from yesterday!!!!

Congratulations Allison and Lori!
Thank you so much to all who entered :) xox

Here's what the Addicts have for you today!!!!

Jamie Riggs from
------> Miss Math Dork <------
has given

Sara Frampton from
------> Frampton's FUNdamentals <------
Has given

Libby Dryfuse from
------> Owl About Education on TPT <------
has given

Valerie Donaldson from
------> Georgia Grown Kiddos <-----
has given

and.... Vera Corbett from
------> The Tutu Teacher <------
has given

Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!

Yeah.... I know. I can't believe how cool they are either!

My turn!!!!

And now for a little more eye candy ;)

This is my Nikson. He is 15 months now can you believe it????
I watched him walk about 5 steps yesterday:) He is so awesome.
He's going to be a big brother in January. I will be a Mimi x 2!

Good luck my friends!
Leave a comment to win for the 2 prizes! 
The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Thank you for dropping in again today:)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Birthday week Day 4!!!!! :)

Welcome back!!!! Day #4! This is going way too fast!!!!

Here are the lucky winners from yesterday's drawings:

Congratulations Storie and Sarah!!!!

Let's see what the Addict's have for today!

Teresa Wilson from
has given

Laura Boriak from
------> Over the 1st Grade Rainbow <------
has given

Sara Prue from
Has given

Caitlin Miller from
------> Miller's Science Space <------
Has given

Hilary Gard from
Has given

And.... Martha Carter from
------> 2 Smart Wenches <------
has given

Holy Snap!!!!
Who wouldn't want to win all this good stuff?????

It's so fantabulous!

Here's what I have to give today

Oh yeah!!!!
The winners for both prizes will be announced tomorrow!

And now.... everyone gets a prize!!!
This is my Malli :)

Don't forget to do those RAKs!!!!!

Good luck my friends!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 3 of the Birthday Week Awesomeness!!!!!

This is even better than Christmas!!!!!
(k..... not comparing the importance of the births in any way)
Just the gift giving :) 

Here are the winners of yesterday's giveaway

Congratulations Erin and Karen!!!! :)
and thank you to all who entered! I am one lucky girl, I tell ya!

So, here's what the Addicts have for ya today!!!

Deirdre Elderidge from
------> A Burst of First <------
Has given

Krystal Plott from
------> Good Enough Teacher <------
Has given

Rebecca Seeley from
------> Rebecca Seeley on TPT <------

Bethany Ray from
------> Bethany Ray on TPT <------
has given

And Kristen Konechy from 
------> The Imagination Nook <------
has given

That's a WHOLE BUNCH of awesomeness
right there!!!

I tell ya, there are some talented Addicts!

Here's what I have to give today
Oh yeah!!!!!! 

Again.... to enter both of today's giveaways,
just comment below!
Piece of  (birthday) cake!

Here's your birthday eye candy, lol!
(This is Mike... every year he thinks he has to out do the gifts from the year before)

This year I got pieces for a Halloween village, like the Christmas ones
that go under the tree!!! I'm so excited!

PS. Yesterday's graphic was my Kella ;)


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 2 of the birthday week giveaway!!!!!


This is so much fun :) 

First, the winner from yesterday's drawing:

Congratulations Alison!!!! 

I am so in love with the RAK's.... Please keep me posted on them all. I smiled
ear to ear all day yesterday! It's awesome!!!!

So here's what we have today....
You all know about the Melonheadz Addicts right? 
(you can read more about them by clicking 
here )  
Well, some of my Addict friends have donated their products
to share as gifts! How awesome is that?????
I will be giving them away for the rest of the week through random drawings.

Here's today's gift from the Addicts:
Courtney Hinshaw from
 ------> Ramona Recommends <------
donated her

Kathy Law from 
------> First Grade a a carte <------
Has donated her

Molly Lynch from
------> Lucky to be in First <------
Has given a $15.00 gift card to her shop!!!

And Tanja Tlusty  from
Has donated

Super cool stuff right?
I'm so blessed to have such awesome friends!!!

A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday for this fabulousness!!!!

Now for my gift of the day:

You can read more about them by clicking 
The winner for this will be chosen at random on Wednesday as well .

How do you enter the drawings?
Easy Peasy!!!! Just leave
 a comment below!!!!

Last of all.... (I feel like Oprah, lol)
You all get this cute patootie.... for free !!!!!


Happy Tuesday!!!!!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Guess what day it is????

Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is????
No, it's not hump day,lol...

It's the first day of my birthday week!!!!!!!


I used to really hate my birthday.
Not because I am getting older, but because I really
don't like to be the center of attention. 
I hated that day for years!!!
Until...... My friend Laura showed me how to fix it.
That's it.

I LOVED it :) 

So, on the week of my birthday, I do as many 
random acts of kindness (RAK) as possible.
Best. Birthdays. Ever. 

Once again this year, I am inviting you to join in :) 
Please, do one RAK this week, and report back by commenting on this post. 
Nothing would make me happier than to share the joy of doing 
something nice for someone else!

Those who report back today (Monday) and leave a comment, will be entered in the following random

(And P.S. I am skinny too :) )

The winner will be announced on Tuesday!!!!

Now my first RAK.... is for you!!!!
Free Graphics!!!!

I can't wait to hear from you!!!